Assessing markets, strategies and exit options

Client: Venture Capital Investor


A venture capital investor requested CLT to write a review of a spinout from a UK university. The paper was to include an evaluation of the market, the commercialisation strategy of addressing this market and the financial business plan underpinning this strategy together with a review of exit options.


Based on the comprehensive due diligence analysis performed by CLT, the venture capital investor was able to make an informed decision on their investment options, secure in the knowledge that all aspects of the situation had been thoroughly examined.

The due diligence process involved analysis of the market, the competitive positioning, the business plan, Intellectual Property, Supply Chain, Partners and Channels, Technology Development Status, Timescales, Exit Potential and the Team.

CLT reviewed the latest company documents such as business plan, conference presentations and recent grant applications. The management team was interviewed at their premises for review of the current position of the business.

During the interviews, CLT used a “Diagnostic Q&A toolkit” to evaluate and provide an independent opinion on the market work taken to date. Further desk research and telephone interviews was undertaken with the market segments, technologies and supply chains in which the company operated.

Following collation and documentation of the areas assessment, an experienced commercial team analysed the key findings and made relevant professional recommendations pertaining to the objectives of the due diligence exercise.