Obtaining regulatory validation for new innovative technology solutions

Client: Build Test Solutions Ltd (BTS)


BTS needed to get their novel PULSE air-tightness technology included in government regulations and accepted by the construction industry. BTS also needed to conduct early market research for PULSE and create a market strategy that established their primary target sectors that would help to secure more sales.


CLT accelerated the process of validating BTS’s new technology in the government’s next review of building regulations. Stakeholder consultations helped identify BTS’s primary and secondary target markets and validate their market strategy. The research also allowed BTS to refine their Customer Value Propositions (CVPs), and move towards establishing their pipeline to market

BTS designed a faster, cheaper, and more accurate technology to measure air tightness in new buildings. But strict regulatory requirements around new buildings meant that its PULSE technology could not be accepted by the construction industry until it was validated in Part L1a of the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG)’s building regulations

CLT used its strong government networks to introduce BTS to the right people and helped shape theirmessaging. CLT worked with BTS to navigate the government system in order to submit its application to get PULSE validated. The results of the next round of government regulatory reviews should be announced soon, which (if accepted) will generate industry acceptance and facilitate sales

CLT has helped BTS influence the regulatory environment to bring its PULSE technology to the market, which brings a competitive and environmental advantage over other well-established ‘Blower Door’ pressure testing systems. In the long run, the services that CLT have been able to help deliver will position BTS to compete more strongly with the existing technology.