CLT secures ERDF support for SE businesses

South East ERDF

The European Union provides a wide range of support to many businesses in the UK through a variety of programs. We have experience of both the research programs which are supported by the EU and, in the South East of England, the ERDF funds CLT to provide business support of typically up to £50k to low carbon businesses.

CLT have provided support to over sixty start-ups in both the energy efficiency and energy generation sectors. This assistance has included raising funding and grant awards, commercialisation services and due diligence activities.

CLT’s overall approach to working with technology teams is grounded on five observations:

  • The diversity and depth of the CLT partners’ experiences are complementary and critical to winning client respect and attention.
  • Focused intervention with experienced resource is crucial in breaking the barriers that many companies face when transitioning to a low carbon world.
  • Commercialisation support should be structured to flow directly into development of the business plan for fund raising or an alternative commercialisation route.
  • Work should seek constant exposure to the market to evolve propositions and relationships.
  • There is a large universe of cleantech opportunity with limited resource to serve it so CLT have a collaborative ‘best team’ approach and are very happy to work with other companies.


To obtain ERDF support the company must be:

  • based in the South East of England or have a material association with the South East, such as a collaboration with a South East based university.
  • ineligible for support under the Carbon Trust Fast Track for the work program envisaged.

The business should meet one or more of the goals ERDF is seeking to sustain

  • The prospect of job creation
  • The delivery of high value added services or products from the South East
  • The delivery of carbon savings services or products
  • Collaboration with South East universities to develop technologies
To discuss the possibility of obtaining support please contact Mark Bornhoft