Industrial Decarbonisation Roadmaps to 2050

Client: UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)


BEIS wanted to help the UK’s emissions-intensive industries develop decarbonisation Action Plans that ensured continued competitiveness of the industries whilst delivering emission reductions


CLT delivered a set of Action Plans to BEIS that contained voluntary commitments by government, industry and other parties to help the sectors decarbonise and improve energy efficiency. The results were published and widely disseminated to key industry groups.

CLT engaged industrial stakeholders to develop and compare various decarbonisation strategies mainly through heat recovery and energy efficiency interventions. We worked collaboratively with partners in the cement, glass, chemicals, ceramics, and food and drink sectors, and partly with the pulp and paper, and iron and steel sectors, to develop joint action plans and communicate complex technical information to a variety of stakeholders.

In Phase 1, CLT collected the evidence and compiled results from pathways analyses to identify and develop scenarios to enable transition towards a low carbon economy whilst retaining a competitive industrial sector. The work required flexible and responsive communication with industry, government and other stakeholders, to get consensus and agree issues such as supply chains, customer demand and the wider global perspective as well as technical and commercial solutions.

Phase 2 involved further engagement with trade associations and industry to develop action plans designed to overcome barriers to adoption identified in Phase 1. CLT leveraged its heat recovery and energy efficiency knowledge to pinpoint actions to increase the rollout and adoption of existing best available technologies, alongside actions to support the development of earlier-stage technologies.  This included specific actions to develop feasibility studies and demonstrator projects within each sector.


The results were published on the UK government website and continue to inform the actions taken by both government and industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.