Scoping commercial opportunities for Green Finance in Mexico

Client: British Embassy in Mexico


The Embassy wanted to develop an evidence base that showed the nature of the commercial opportunity for UK companies in the field of Green Finance in Mexico. It wanted profiles of those companies that are active or planning to participate in the sector and insight into the drivers behind UK investment decisions.


Through 32 interviews with stakeholders in both the UK and Mexico, CLT outlined UK strengths and capabilities and Mexican investment opportunities. We distilled the drivers and preferences behind investment decisions and profiled investors and other commercial decision-makers. Findings were summarised in a public report with highlights presented in an infographic.

CLT worked with the British Embassy in Mexico to identify the UK’s green finance strengths, overlay them with Mexican investment opportunities, and pinpoint high-value commercial opportunities. We built a database of over 100 Green Finance stakeholders in both Mexico and the UK, carried out 32 interviews and reviewed over 80 literature sources.

The work showed that the UK is among the world’s strongest and most mature jurisdictions for Green Finance. It blends consistent, multi-year policy support with unrivalled global leadership in financial services. This has produced a green finance ecosystem that is innovative and growing with a proven interest in new, international markets.


Scoping commercial opportunities for Green Finance in Mexico


Demand for Green Finance in Mexico is high. Mexico plans to build 67,000 megawatts of power capacity by 2032 whilst enhancing its electricity transmission and distribution networks. New green infrastructure projects that are currently being tendered amount to over US$16.8 billion. As the second largest economy in Latin America with the sixth-largest issuance of green bonds in 2017 and a recently liberalised energy market, the opportunities for investment in Mexico are strong. Our report summarises findings in an opportunities table that assesses each sector, its attractiveness to UK players, the financing / investing opportunities and the types of financial services that are accessible to UK firms. Overall, there is ongoing interest from UK investors and service providers in Mexican Green Finance, and significant near-term pipeline of commercial opportunities.

The project was well-received by the Embassy:

This is great, that’s exactly what we were looking for. Everything we were looking for, CLT has included in this report. It’s really good that you were able to provide profiles of companies and contact details, and matching them with Mexican opportunities. That’s exactly what we were looking for and we are really grateful for all the hard work that we’re seeing in this report. – Hector Cabrera, Financial Services and Open Data Programme and Policy Officer, British Embassy in Mexico City

On the commercial side, we are very satisfied with what you included. Thank you for adding in the commercial examples, it’s good to see some we’ve engaged with, but nice to see some new ones too. – Gabriela Rodriguez Herrera, Head of Climate and Energy Policy, British Embassy in Mexico City