Understanding new market opportunities in Africa and Asia

Client: Nortech


Nortech wished to better understand the regulatory and market structures in key African and Asian countries to help it build its business development plan for the identified countries and prioritise potential opportunities.


Using CLT’s detailed report on six key countries, Nortech was able to update its business development plan and target its marketing strategy at the best international sales opportunities.

CLT carried out a detailed desktop-based study on Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and South Korea to help Nortech prioritise international markets based on their characteristics. We ranked each country using a combination of five market size indicators, as well as a set of market pull and ease of entry indicators. By describing the electricity sector structure and the nature of generation, transmission and distribution networks in each country, we conducted an international comparative analysis to identify the highest-value opportunities for Nortech. We also outlined the companies operating in each jurisdiction to identify potential routes to market.

Nortech’s products are relevant to these countries because they offer better control and visibility of low to medium voltage networks, which helps with grid management and integration of new technologies (primarily microgeneration such as PV and wind, large scale EV charging infrastructure, energy storage and demand side programmes). By analysing these markets, CLT’s work complemented existing growth opportunities already being pursued by Nortech and its partners. We outlined the decision-making process of international buyers, their regulatory requirements and incentive structures, which helped Nortech tailor its value proposition for these potential clients and develop more pipeline sales opportunities.

We recognise that attending conferences and expositions can be beneficial to efficiently make contact with a number of potential customers and expand the company’s marketing potential. In the report, CLT looked at the ten most relevant international conferences, provided a summary of each and commented on their attractiveness to Nortech. Furthermore, we recommended the top three events that Nortech should consider attending in the near future to expand its global knowledge base and customer outreach.

This task was a very useful piece of work and we appreciated seeing the results visually. We now plan to build on the output of the CLT work and hope to see Nortech’s low cost monitoring technology used in Africa.
~ Nortech, January 2020