Delivering investment readiness masterclasses

Client: Multiple public and private sector clients


SMEs often need new skills to prepare their business for investment. They benefit from proven tools and methodologies to help find the right investors and close deals.


CLT runs one-day investment readiness masterclasses in order to provide SMEs with the tools and knowledge to attract the right investors and secure investment.

The session helps new ventures understand investor expectations, value their business, assess their investor readiness and IP position, and practice investor pitches.

Description: CLT runs investment readiness masterclasses for SMEs to provide them with the tools and knowledge to attract the right investors and secure investment. The objectives of the sessions are to help SMEs understand the requirements and processes of Venture Capital investors and the challenges that are particular to clean tech SMEs. SMEs learn about different types of investor, strategies for valuing their company, and determine how investment-ready they are.

The masterclasses typically include six segments:

  • Investment and venture capital: What types of investors are there and what do they look for? What are the stages of the investment process? What are the key terms used by investors?
  • Methods of valuation: How do you determine the value of a pre-revenue business? How should you discuss valuation with investors?
  • Experience from a serial entrepreneur: Opportunity for discursive question and answer with a serial start-up CEO.
  • Investment readiness: How investment-ready are you? What are Technology Readiness Levels and Commercial Readiness Levels? Self-diagnostic and participant interaction.
  • Intellectual Property strategies: Why is IP important? How can you protect your innovation?