CLT promotes clean tech innovation and commercial partnerships

Watch CLT present at clean tech events and see the outcomes of conferences we’ve hosted. Also view some of the clean tech ventures that CLT has incubated.

Results - Brazil Energy Programme (BEP)
C-Capture: Designs world-leading chemical processes for the capture of carbon dioxide
Storegga: Tackling emissions and supporting the race to Net Zero
SENSEWIND: Engineering to reduce the cost of wind energy
SmartHTC: Know the true energy performance of any building
Energy Transitions, Steel Zero: Our vision is of a solar society, where aspirations, whatever they maybe, are completely sustained by sunlight.
ENERTECHNOS: Better electricity
Ccm Technologies: Cleantech technology focused on resource optimisation, including Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU).
Towards Successful Commercialisation Conference 2018: Overview including Claire Perry, Minister of State for BEIS
Towards Successful Commercialisation Conference 2018: Address by Dieter Helm CBE
Towards Successful Commercialisation Conference 2015: Overview including Michael Liebreich, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Clean Tech Innovate 2016: Address by CLT’s CEO Beverley Gower-Jones
Clean Tech Innovate 2014: Address by CLT’s CEO Beverley Gower-Jones
Clean Tech Innovate 2015: Address by CLT’s CEO Beverley Gower-Jones
BEIS Energy Entrepreneurs Fund: Programme overview
Cress Systems: Energy storage for marine industry
Recycling Technologies: Waste to fuel
Oxsensis: Optical sensors for extreme environments
Kite Power Solutions: The new way of harnessing wind energy
Samad Power: Cogeneration from boilers
Saietta: High performance electric motors and drivetrains
C-Capture: A new solvent for low energy CO2 Capture
Ventive: Passive air ventilation
Q-bot: Energy efficiency using robotic underfloor insulation
Vantage Power: powertrain electrification for heavy-duty vehicles
CCM Research: Carbon Capture and Utilisation
Lindhurst Engineering: Bioenergy from farm waste
Axis Energy Projects: Moorings for floating offshore wind