Delivering strategic sales masterclasses

Client: Multiple, including Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst, Set Squared, Green Growth Platform


SMEs often need new skills to refine their sales processes, develop their value proposition and improve their market positioning. They benefit from proven tools and methodologies that help secure early strategic sales.


CLT runs one-day strategic sales masterclasses in order to provide SMEs with the tools and knowledge to secure sales. The session helps companies define their target market, structure their sales and marketing function, create messages that land and stick, and refine and practice pitching.

CLT’s strategic sales masterclasses provide SMEs and spin-outs with tools and knowledge to improve marketing and secure sales. The objectives of the sessions are to provide practical tools to early stage ventures, give CEOs and managers feedback on their planned sales and marketing approach, and share experience gained by other early stage ventures. We encourage 2-3 people from a company to attend.

The workshops typically include six segments:

  • Customer value propositions: Who is the customer? What are the benefits and costs of your proposition?
  • Industrial partnering: Working with major companies and understanding their motivations and processes.
  • Market positioning: How do you create messages that resonate with customers? How to be heard in a crowded marketplace? How can you sell through others?
  • Strategic sales: What is your value proposition and who are your strategic customers? Which initial sales are the most important? How do you secure these critical sales?
  • How to use your network and “warm up cold calls”: Practical exploitation of your network and strategies for warming up potential clients.
  • Sales meeting practice pitches: How to structure your pitch to be persuasive? Give and receive peer-review feedback.

Evaluation showed that 93% of workshop graduates strongly agree that they significantly benefited from participating in the masterclass.

“Very high standard and professionalism of the trainers and material.” – BCMY Limited

“Excellent! I completely refined my sales pitch.” – Africa Power Limited