Developing a commercialisation roadmap for a novel power + heat technology

Client: Sharp Labs of Europe Ltd (SLE)


CLT was asked to complete a commercialisation roadmap for SLE’s product that scheduled a detailed and realistic plan to get its Photovoltaic-Thermal & Heat Pump (PVT-HP) system ready to launch. To show its real-world efficiency credentials, SLE needed to set up a live trial of its technology and conduct large-scale market research with potential customers to get feedback on its system.


CLT created a commercialisation plan that outlined the next steps for SLE to move from the trial version of their product in an empty demonstration house to a real-world proof of product in a live customer trial using real, lived-in houses.

CLT helped SLE write their roadmap towards commercialisation, which detailed the different steps they needed to accomplish to bring its Photovoltaic-Thermal & Heat Pump (PVT-HP) system to market. CLT helped SLE establish relationships with different energy providers, one of which supported SLE’s plans to run energy efficiency trials in households.

CLT facilitated introductions to several energy companies as potential trial partners. One major energy company agreed to collaborate with SLE and send out an online questionnaire to 30,000 of its customers, which received 8,000 responses on consumer attitudes and potential price ranges for SLE’s power and heating product. CLT helped SLE interpret the findings to position its product so that it satisfied customer expectations and price points.