Scale | Impact Cleantech Programme: Accelerating SME growth

Client: Collaboration with PwC


SMEs often find it challenging to scale up after they’ve commercialised their products and services. After the first strategic sales have been secured, it can be difficult to broaden the funnel and prepare for rapid growth. It is a challenge to develop strong marketing strategies and sales processes, and accessing suitable industrial partnerships and funding.


CLT and PwC delivered a clean tech accelerator programme that included four development days and opportunities to present to high profile investors and executives. The development days provided SMEs with tools to prepare for growth. The networking opportunities enabled valuable conversations with potential clients, industry partners and investors.

CLT and PwC delivered a clean tech accelerator programme for seven SMEs that included four intensive development days and pitches to over 100 high-profile executives in their sectors. The purpose of this programme was to accelerate the growth of the selected SMEs. Four development days targeted key areas for scale-up:

  • Sales & Market Positioning: What is your value proposition? How can you articulate and communicate this proposition effectively? What is the best structure to drive sales growth?
  • Leadership: Who is your next key hire? How could you augment your Board to help your company grow?
  • Growth: How can you scale your operations efficiently? How do you win contracts in new markets at home and internationally?
  • Investment Strategy: What is the best valuation method for your company? How do you effectively negotiate for investment? How should you raise Series A investment?

The development days were enhanced with pitching sessions to senior PwC executives and to external sector leaders and investors drawn from CLT’s and PwC’s networks. The pitches let SMEs showcase their products, network with influencers in their sectors and build meaningful relationships with potential clients, industry partners and investors.