Segmenting and prioritising sales markets for EV rapid charger

Client: Frazer-Nash Energy Systems (FNES)


Frazer-Nash Energy Systems (FNES) wanted to determine the highest-value target market for its innovative rapid electric vehicle charging station that incorporates battery storage technology.


CLT prioritised the top target market segments by quantifying likely sales volumes across six market segments, gauging the competitiveness of each market and matching the unique features of FNES’s technology to the needs of specific market segments.

CLT prioritised the most promising markets for FNES by first segmenting the total electric vehicle (EV) charging market into seven categories, including on-route motorway service stations, bus depots, taxi ranks, vehicle fleets, local authorities, petrol forecourts, and commercial destination charging.

We identified stakeholders in each of the categories and carried out interviews to get their perspectives. CLT asked about challenges facing rapid EV rapid charging deployment in their market segment, expected growth of rapid charging, which business models were working well and which were not, the current competitive landscape, and the suitability of FNES’s rapid charging solution to the context of their market segment.

The responses helped us rank the sectors and compare near-term installation opportunity, future growth potential, commercial readiness, the suitability of FNES’s solution, and other characteristics that would support an early demonstration installation of its technology. We were also able to highlight the parts of the technology’s Unique Selling Proposition that were most appealing to each audience, which helped FNES fine-tune its approach to sales promotion.

FNES used the results of the study to prioritise its business development activities and integrated feedback from potential buyers, such as aesthetic preferences, into the technology’s design.