CLT presents on accelerating clean tech start-ups at CLIX

CLT’s Principal Consultant Jeffrey Beyer discussed the approach CLT takes to incubating and accelerating start-ups at the World Future Energy Summit’s Climate Innovation Exchange. He outlined the eight dimensions of commercialisation that CLT uses to understand an SME’s level of commercial development, and how those are used to target incubation support at high-impact areas.

The approach taken by CLT has been used to incubate over 135 start-ups that have received grant funding from BEIS’s Energy Entrepreneurs Fund. By helping a venture develop its commercial skills at the same rate as its technology development, CLT ensures that entrepreneurs can present a compelling technical and commercial case to prospective investors at critical times – first when they are raising Seed funding, and later, when they seek Series A investment.

This structured approach to commercialisation keeps entrepreneurs on track. It also helps incubation managers determine what kind of commercial support would be most useful at each stage of the venture’s development.