Towards Successful Commercialisation 2018

The fourth Towards Successful Commercialisation Conference took place on the 18th April at Victoria, London. Beverley Gower-Jones opened the day with these words:

“Five years ago, this event helped innovators in the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund Programme to share best practice. Now it has grown into a flagship Conference for industry, government, investors and innovators to unlock the challenges in bringing sustainable technologies to market. It plays a vital part in growing the UK’s Low Carbon Economy.

There is a pressing need for rapid decarbonisation of the global economy, to avoid the worst effects of climate change. This will require the take up of new technologies at a scale and pace which is almost without precedent.

Any new disruptive technology faces barriers to adoption. Often, the key players need to move forward together, for instance the seller and client understanding each other’s priorities, suppliers having the relevant assets and capabilities, regulators adapting existing rules, investors making appropriate funding available and so on. In normal circumstances, this ‘co-evolution’ happens predominantly through market activity over a period of years.

When it comes to addressing climate change, this is time we do not have. This is the first industrial revolution that is against a deadline. Therefore, we need to accelerate rapid decarbonisation by proactively supporting key players to move forward together.

The UK government has a number of activities to this end, including the BEIS energy Entrepreneurs Fund to support the commercialisation of low carbon, sustainable technologies.

CLT is proud to be a delivery partner for the UK Government’s Energy Innovation Programme and through the provision of incubation support we have realised that the critical need is for key players in an ecosystem to move forward together for the supported entrepreneurs to succeed.

Today’s Conference brings together industry, investors, and government to engage with world-class entrepreneurs, aiming to share best practice to commercialise leading-edge sustainable technologies.”

Visit the Towards Successful Commercialisation website.