CLT supporting the British Embassy in Brazil with its Green Finance strategy

The British Embassy in Brazil has awarded CLT a project to assess the commercial opportunities for UK firms in Brazilian infrastructure and Green Finance. Commissioned by the UK Department for International Trade, the project seeks to assess how UK companies can capitalise on the commercial potential of Brazil’s green and sustainable infrastructure investment market.

CLT is profiling UK-based infrastructure investors, green bonds stakeholders with an interest in Latin America, and ancillary services providers across law, consulting, advisory services and underwriting.

Through interviews, we are cataloguing their interest across five sectors and seven regions to uncover trends in the marketplace and inform the Embassy’s strategy. CLT is also developing a database of hundreds of stakeholders in the green finance ecosystem to support the Embassy with future trade work.

The project will conclude with a presentation of results to green finance stakeholders at the British Embassy in Sao Paulo, in preparation for the City of London Lord Mayor’s visit in May 2019.

This work builds on CLT’s strengths in Green Finance and complements the report we delivered for the British Embassy in Mexico, Scoping commercial opportunities for Green Finance in Mexico (see case study).